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About Us


Lynne Katsafouros Friedman is widely known for her pet portraits. She has been cited and praised by two former U.S. Presidents, a U.S. Presidential Candidate, a U.S. Secretary of State, a White House Senior Advisor and Communications Director.


Featured in “The New York Times”, “Hello Magazine”, “Good Dog Magazine”, “The Palm Beach Post”, and “Composers, Authors of America Magazine”, her accomplishments are well publicized.


Lynne has been interviewed on CBS, ABC Morning with Regis and Kathy Lee, and WTVD. Her work has been shown by Louis Rukeyser on "Wall Street Week" and "Attitudes."


Her celebrity portraits have been exhibited at the White House, a Presidential Library, the Palm Beach Airport and Duke University. Her portrait of the Bahamian Goodwill Ambassador was displayed for their 500 Year Anniversary Celebration.


Lynne has now expanded her artistic talents to include “author.” Her first book, “TOOTSIE TAKES ON BULLIES,” is sure to help young children deal with our growing bullying issues, while putting a needed smile on their faces.

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